We get smarter, together…

Meeting for 3 hours a month, for 10 months a year.

To develop our faculties to accurately see and respond in interconnected, always moving, living systems - our teams, groups & organisations.

  • Developing our awareness through a variety of observational exercises or experiences, that are connected with the natural world. Including ourselves.

  • Reading global thought leaders who help us better understand the social processes of the living relationships that we work within.

  • Writing and reflecting on our own ways of seeing, thinking, working and being in our own living world - where we are always co-creating our emerging future.

  • Developing the web of relationships that allow individuals to access the collective intelligence and capability of the whole community - on an ‘as required’, ‘just-in-time’, ‘community coaching and mentoring’ basis.

  • Engaging in rich conversations, that create new ways of understanding to reveal and realise more meaningful possibilities for ourselves, our colleagues, our communities and our wider society.

  • Sharing and curating an evolving body of developmental resources using Slack.

Individuals and social organisms, endowed with the gift of consciousness, have the possibility of becoming aware of their own processes and thus become responsible for their own evolution.
— Allan Kaplan