Professional & Personal Development

for a complex and always changing world.

The increasing complexity of our world is challenging.

The conventional response is to add more and more tools, platforms, processes, screens, visions, plans and strategies.

Increasingly we’re realising all of this activity and energy doesn’t create the change we yearn for. 

Westerly has created a rich, organic space

to pause and reflect.

To explore unexpected thoughts and ideas.

To generate outcomes,

that are more meaningful, just, responsive and sustainable.

We do this by inviting people to come together,

in a deliberate practice of development.

Engaging their collective intelligence and human spirit.

Participants are gently guided to develop their faculties

to accurately see and respond,

in the interconnected ways

living systems need to grow and develop.

We meet for 3 hours once a month over 10 months.

In a place chosen

for its connection to the natural systems

that underpin our world. 

 With skill and courage

we facilitate in unexpected and imaginative ways,

to guide people to observe, explore and grow.

 The approach is based on

the work of global thought leaders,

who are increasingly turning their attention

to different ways

people can grow into creating meaningful change.

We invite you to join us.



If we keep doing what we’ve always done, we’ll only get what we’ve always got.


what we do

We meet together for 3 hours, once a month, over 10 months of a year.